ECA Program – The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon for Marketing Success

ECA ProgramWhat does it mean to be an entrepreneur in this digital age?

Many individuals who seek to develop a substantial income through their own efforts have looked to the Internet as fertile ground for marketing goods and services.

TripleClicks created an environment for businesses to work within a system that supports their efforts and lays the groundwork for positive growth. The E-Commerce Associates or ECA Program is revolutionizing the way businesses work online. TripleClicks offers a world class affiliate program that bring products and services to a centralized location where small business owners market through the ECA Program. The “Plug and Play” system makes doing business affordable and scalable for businesses of all sizes. Products and services can be listed by E-Commerce Associates at no cost and marketed worldwide through the website. Many businesses struggle with the complexity and expense of marketing. If there aren’t enough sales, soon there will be no business. TripleClicks takes the enormous effort and expense needed to promote and sell products on a worldwide market and make the process a snap. The secret to the success of the ECA program lies in the large network of online affiliates. These independent businesses actively promote TripleClicks products and services.

The SFI Advantage

Every day over 100,000 affiliates are working in their own businesses promoting products and services to consumers in almost 200 countries around the world. This network of affiliates offer businesses a cost-effective way to dramatically increase sales without the expense of a marketing campaign.  There is nothing to pay up front which means no risk to the business’ cash flow. This avenue of marketing and sales works because of the large number of independent affiliates working to sell to their prospects through their individual portals to the TripleClicks website. They drive traffic to the site which leads to a proven sales funnel. A large number of prospects go in the front end and sales filter through the other side.

ECA Program advantages

  • Business owners who have their own online stores might feel that they don’t need to establish a competing site. They might see another outlet as a dilution of their efforts. The truth is that having another outlet through TripleClicks is like establishing a global franchise. Thousands of independent business owners will be promoting and selling products and services each day; having that marketing power on 24/7 is a virtual goldmine for any business.
  • There is no need to worry about server problems, website expenses or bandwidth overages. List an unlimited number of products and services while the system takes care of the details. There is no additional advertising costs and cash flow issues with which to contend. Ramp up production as sales increase and produce what is needed based on actual orders.
  • The amazing part of this option is how quickly a business can go from mediocre sales figures to success through this kind of partnership. Entrepreneurs can utilize this system to develop new products for the market with minimal effort and expense. New products can be developed, tested and promoted at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns. Companies can ramp up production based on sales figures without guessing or following erroneous forecasts.

Consider the impact that thousands of sales outlets can have on a featured product. Think of the added benefits that come with being able to promote products to millions of new customers for free. Businesses looking to sell more now have a winning option with no downside by co-venturing with TripleClicks.  The E-Commerce Associates or ECA Program truly is revolutionizing the way businesses work online. Get started right now by signing up for free.

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