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Dear Friend!

This may come as a rude surprise, but it’s time someone gave it to you straight. Most people simply lack the right stuff to work from home and make money like me.

Does that feel like a slap in the face? Before you decide to return the favor, let me tell you what I mean. The stuff that I have that you almost certainly don’t is the time it takes to get your internet business up and running.

Most people just don’t understand that time is major factor in getting any internet business started. They’re too caught up working their fingers to the bone at jobs that barely pay them a living wage. Some people are even trying to make ends meet by working TWO jobs.

Then there are those entrepreneurs that are trying to earn a degree… some of them try to juggle this while working, and then there’s trying to spend time with their families. Any of this ringing a bell?

We haven’t even touched on the possible money issues yet…

Unless you have a trust fund set aside somewhere to fund your ambitions, those home based businesses that require you to invest in supplies and advertising are looking more and more unrealistic… How can anyone succeed at that?

The whole purpose of trying to make extra cash is because you don’t have any lying around! If you had an abundance of extra cash, why would you be doing this?

We all have life to deal with already, bills that need paid, loans that we’re struggling to pay, credit cards with interest rates that we’re drowning under, not to mention the continuously rising cost of electricity, gas, and everything else!

The money-making method we’re about to share with you just isn’t right for people who don’t understand the effort involved in making this work. They’re too dedicated to getting rich in a hurry, or just tired of drowning in debt, they lack the motivation to really achieve all they could.

Lacking that, they’re doomed to fail, and there seemed little sense in putting a “how to make money with affiliate programs” product out for the average person.

But we were tired of seeing others fail, tired of seeing one more Ponzi scheme being offered to the public, and more and more people falling for it. We knew it was time to offer up our program to those who needed a simple, inexpensive method of getting started making money on the internet.

It’s time to switch to SFI AFFILIATE!

Presenting, the very basic aspects of SFI:

  • There’s no startup fees, you’re here to make money, not spend it!
  • Multiple levels of affiliate program
  • Easy set up, you can get started in no time at all!
  • Small time investment, we know you don’t have it to spare!
  • Our president, Gery Carson, is actively involved.

There are only a few things required to be part of this unique opportunity, an internet connection, a valid email address, self-esteem and patience. These last two are an absolute necessity, lacking them will serve as a serious detriment to your success.

What is SFI you ask?

SFI stands for “Strong Future International”, and is far and away the #1 home-based business program in the world! It is a powerful affiliate driven program with a global reach, and powerful tools to leverage such as the TripleClicks option permitting you to share products with members the world over.

You’re probably wondering how this all can make you money, right? TripleClicks gives you access to thousands of products, tools such as PriceBenders Auctions, and techniques to implement in your home-based business. Each of these elements comes together with a strong community and excellent leadership to bring you a risk free opportunity.

These are a few highlights indicating why SFI is so successful:

  • Earn more than you spend online; basic memberships are free. Upgrading to Executive Affiliate status offers many more and considerably better benefits to affiliates.
  • Largest direct sales, home-based business in the world.
  • A global community consisting of 200 countries, and more every day!
  • An active, involved company president, Gery Carson.
  • Choose your own hours; be your own boss; imagine casual Friday every day of the week!

You know you don’t have the money to invest in a program, and you’re probably looking for the catch here. There isn’t one, there is no purchase required to join this powerful moneymaking program, and you’ll get access to a ton of quality, proven home-based business building tools to drive your success forward.

There are two ways to make money with SFI, the first requires active effort, leveraging your business to put yourself to earn money actively, and then bringing in residual income from those sales you’ve made earlier, and making additional SFI Affiliates. The endgame is to work less and less, while bringing in more and more residual income.

We know you don’t have time to go digging around for the best of tools, so we’ll bring them to you. Web-pages, banner ads, text ads, all of them free to YOU, the newest SFI Affiliate.

What SFI Is not!

There has never been anything quite like SFI before, and that’s why it’s important now to get in on this opportunity. We aren’t one of those old scams where you inundate people with massive amounts of Spam, nor is it some slave wage ‘type at home’ program

  • .… is NOT making a risky investment in Google Adwords
  • .... is NOT stuffing envelopes in the hopes of meager returns
  • .... is NOT about doing data entry or typing for someone else
  • .... is NOT getting pennies for taking surveys
  • .... is NOT producing massive amounts of Spam Emails
  • .... is NOT about shepherding referrals to this site
  • .... is NOT Multi-Level Marketing or a Networking Scheme
  • .... is NOT about making ‘High Yield Investments’ or an HYIP
  • ​.... is NOT a Ponzi scam or Pyramid Program
  • ​.... is NOT about getting people to respond to a chain letter
  • ​.... is NOT telemarketing, inbound or otherwise
  • .... is NOT selling marketing personalized products
  • .... is NOT selling vitamins that are more ash than vitamin
  • ​.... is NOT involving the seedy underbelly of the adult industry
  • ​.... is NOT trying to get profit from your cast-offs on Ebay
  • ​.... is NOT about playing the odds
  • .... is NOT sending out letters or cards to anyone.

We already mentioned above how much we despise “Get Rich Quick” scams, because that’s all they ever wind up being, scams. We know that you won’t get rich with SFI, but we’ve also given you realistic expectations of the kind of money you can make.

America has always been the land of hype and false promises, there is a snake oil salesman around every corner, a promised rise to the cream of the crop in every magazine, and we’re all sick and tired of it! You’re looking for realistic income in a realistic timeframe with a realistic amount of labor put in!

You welcome that labor, it makes your rewards worth it, but it’s got to be something that’s actually going to provide real recognizable results!

SFI will lay that path for you, we know it takes work, we know it because we’ve done it just in setting up this path and project for you. Now it’s time for entrepreneurs like you to take the reins, and bring home that Extra Income you’ve been hungering for.

So what are you waiting for! Every minute you sit there wondering if this is the opportunity for you, is one more minute you could be building your business and working towards real sustainable residual income! Thousands of people have taken advantage of the SFI opportunity, isn’t it time for you to make the extra income you’ve dreamed of?


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