4 Aspects to Avoid When You Create an Ad for Your Business

When you create an ad always make it clear that SFI is a business opportunity and that making money depends on the work they do and the time they are willing to invest to build a serious business. In other words let them know that you want serious people who are willing to work and no tire kickers. There are several negative facets to avoid when you create an ad:

1. Hype

This creates the sense that people are able to get rich quick. It heightens their emotions and can lead to disappointment and failure when they realize that there is no silver platter awaiting them and they actually have to work their business to make it successful.

2. Misleading information

This can be closely tied to using hype in your ads. By providing misleading information, you are automatically setting your new business partners up for failure as they joined under false pretenses and with the wrong impression. For example when you post an ad you have to promise that you will be there to sponsor and support those who really are serious about success, if you don’t intend to keep this promise then don’t even bother sponsoring. When people sign up you have to be there for them because how would you feel if you were sponsored but then left out in the cold?

3. Bribery

Using ads that promise a reward for signing up can be very damaging to your business and your reputation. Any new business partners that are gained through the use of such tactics are going to continue to expect such “bribes”, sitting back and expecting you to do all the work.

4. Negativity

It is often easy to fall into this trap. Maybe you are having a bad day or your business is not growing as fast as you would like or your team of business partners is not as active as you would like. Whatever the cause, it is important to not allow such negative thoughts intersperse into your advertising.

Create an Ad which I’d like to read

So in short – your adds should not lie. Tell the truth – SFI is successful, you do not have to tell lies to promote it. The facts and figures will be enough. Do not advertise using long boring descriptions – nobody wants to sit and read long advertisements – short, colorful, funny, bold and bright adds catch the attention. There is enough information to read once they are on the site – but you have to get them there first. If you scare them off with your add they will not be curious to know more and they will not click on your link.

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