Advertising techniques – Ways to make your advertising more effective

advertising techniquesIn this post I will try to explain how to use advertising techniques. We have two general ways to advertise our SFI business. Paid and Free. Nevertheless, both cost us something, one is money and the other one is time. It is therefore appropriate to ask how can we be effective in both.

Effectiveness is getting good result but we also must concern with getting result at least cost, which is efficiency. So here are some ways of effective and efficient advertising techniques:

Go After Your Target Audience

Generally our audience are those who are looking for earning opportunities online. For offline advertising, examine your network of relationships, (friends, acquaintances and relatives)and list down down the people who are keen on earning online or network marketing, specially those who have tried buying or paid online. Talk to them about SFI opportunities.

The same way in online advertising, find the same people in social media websites like FB and Twitter. Just type in the search bar the correct keywords and you will end up in a group of people who are keen or currently doing online earning activities.

For paid ads, you also go to the sites where people are earning online, like PTC’s (Paid-to-Click). Honestly, testing is necessary and do not confine your self to one site immediately.

Highlight the Competitive Advantage of SFI in two to three lines

You must know SFI business model very well to come up with good ads line. It should highlight SFI’s advantages against other online program. Example of which is “it’s free to join”, “been here for 14+ years”, “multiple streams of income”.

Keep seeking

Never put all your efforts in just one site or method, keep on trying what will work and once you find it, take advantage of it but keep on seeking for more.

Match your ads with your Gateway

We are given several gateways that we can use for advertising https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/GatewayList. Use the most appropriate gateway for your ads. Example, if your ads is about great savings in buying gadgets, you must use the Pricebenders gateway.

Monitor Your Ads

Put monitoring in place for every ads that you launch, how many clicks and how many actually signed-up, and compute the cost per sign-up.

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KINTU SIMON - July 21, 2018

This is good. Am new in the SFI business,and am the thankful for training there,but am also impressed with this info ,it proven to me that the business is real. Thank you so much.


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