Never Written Any Ads Before? Learn to Write Effective Ads to Promote Your SFI Business

Effective ads

There are certain principles to follow when writing effective ads. I have learnt how to put across the detail explicitly with training experience and generally first researching about the market in which I wish to place that Ad. The rules I follow may be useful to you.

1.  Research your market (target audience)

Write the ad with the primary aim of getting maximum exposure within the market you are advertising and get maximum results.

2. Keep it Simple

Keep in mind that that ad message should have clarity of content with not too much detail, simple to understand and depending on where your ad will appear, keep in mind that some ads have limitations on the size of your copy*.

3. Create interest

Prepare your ad with the intention of creating interest, attention and a response. That should always be the aim.

4. Use different font sizes to HIGHLIGHT your detail

Try to get the reader of the ad to notice the most important part of the AD through either altering the font or highlight it and let the writing be visible from a distance. It should catch the eye and stand out amongst other ads if for instance you have a notice board on which you will place it.

5. Your Contact information

Should always have the correct contact information to enable those responding to it to have immediate and easy access.

6. Learn from training sites

There is a considerable amount of information on any available topic you wish to learn on the internet and this can be your source of help. You will at least get some idea on how to write an ad and as you prepare them continuously, you will be able to focus on what content to include that is relevant.

7. Practice writing effective ads on various topics

I always keep in mind when writing an ad is that I do not disclose all the details about my venture in my ad because the aim is to have as many people contact you to find out more about your advert.

Writing ads is a learning process. That is what we are all doing in SFI on daily basis, simply learning the business day in day out. We can all learn to write effective ads if we do not want to use the free ads SFI has made available to all affiliates. Personally, I was not very good at writing ads so I used SFI free ads. That is what I always recommend for new affiliates to use. If however you want to learn to write your own ads, there are many places on the web you can learn about ads and how to write them.

Even if you have no experience or have not written any ads before, you can still write effective ads using these sites and reading other ads written by others. There are ads you can read about on the web from some internet social websites, newspapers, magazines and even in SFI. If you really want to write your own effective ads, be sure that the ads are catchy enough to attract your target audience. To be able to guarantee that, make sure your text ads contain one or more of the following words:

  1. Fast
  2. Guaranteed
  3. Limited
  4. Easy/Simple
  5. Testimonial
  6. Discount/Sales
  7. Free
  8. Important
  9. You/Your
  10. New

Put yourself in the shoes of people who will read your ad, your targeted group, and ask yourself what would catch your attention.

First – the picture in your add should stand out, something with the contrast that will cache an eye of a reader and put the photo on some real people on it as it gives more confidence to those who will see it.

Second – Problem – you should think of a headliner and ask the question in it, something like: Is your work exhausting you leaving you with no time for your family, or You can’t handle your Boss’s bad moods, or you had enough of busy traffic on the way to you work… You got the idea, so target the problem they might have so they can recognize their situation in it.

Third – Solution of the problem – offer them solution to the problem like: Start earning real money online from your home, or join thousands of happy people who have secured regular monthly paycheck working from their home, or set your self free and bee your own boss and work from wherever you are and at the pace you set for yourself, or now you can also bee free and happy working for your own goals and not for someone else… and so on…

Happy advertising!

* copy will be the ad that you finally print to use in your advertising campaign

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