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Pricebenders auction

BOOM!  I just won a TCredits – 300 pack for $8.61 at the Pricebenders auctions at TripleClicks! What is PriceBenders Auctions? If you are looking for items to buy for bargain prices (like me) it’s a good idea to take a look at Pricebenders auctions. iPad mini’s, Samsung Galaxy smartphones even Chromebooks and lots of […]

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Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed by all the information is something every SFI Affiliate faces when starting out. We tend to get that feeling as we rush to gain points to reach rank like EA or Team Leader. So many of us fail to understand the concepts because we skim through the information and move on to the […]

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SFI’s exclusive 30-day “getting started” program for new affiliates is called the ‘LaunchPad’. As a new SFI Affiliate it is important to know how everything works within SFI. When I started I read every day an article from the LaunchPad menu. There are 30 articles, one for each day for your first month as an SFI Affiliate. […]

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Bronze Team Leader in SFI

I got this message today: W00t! I’ve now advanced to the rank of Bronze Team Leader in SFI! Advantages of Bronze Team Leader status Here are some important things to remember about being an SFI Team Leader: There’s no reason for being a Team Leader unless you actually have a team! That is, all of the major […]

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