Are these 10 Fast Ways to Build a Team the Best Ways? Nope.

What will you learn:

  • 10 fast ways how to build a team of affiliates
  • Conclusion
  • Smart 7 step plan to keep your team together

If you want to build a Team of Affiliates quickly then do the following:

  • Buy the New Member Pack (NMP)

Buy the special introductory package of New Member Pack. The benefits include addition of Three CSAs to your Team. More details >>

  • Become a Silver Fast Track Member

By becoming a Silver Fast Track Member, you will receive one new CSA every month & by becoming a Gold Fast Track Member, you will receive Three new CSAs every month. (For complete details, visit:

  • Become an Executive Affiliate

Become an Executive Affiliate & retain this status every month. You will receive 2 CSAs every month.

  • Setup a 1500 VP Standing Order

Under CSA Rewards Program, by having an active Standing Order of 1500 VersaPoints you will receive 10 CSAs every month. There are more ways to get the CSAs under this program. (For more details, visit:

  • Setup a Standing Order for S-Builder Co-op

If you have an existing Standing Order for S-Builder Co-op, you can buy unlimited number of PSAs to Go at a very special price of $1.99/Each. More details >>

  • Buy a PSAs to GO pack

You can buy 10 pack of PSAs to GO at $39 by which you can build your team instantaneously. (For details, visit:

  • Buy PSAs from ECAs

There are ECAs who sell PSAs with flexible offers: More details >>

  • Bid on items at PriceBenders™ Auctions

By participating in the Pricebenders Auction you will be able to take part in Bid and Build Program. This way, you will be able to get fresh PSAs. Further there are auctions for PSAs and CSAs. You can take part in them and if you are smart enough, you can win them also. More details >>

  • Invite Friends & Family

Bring your Family Members/Relatives/Friends and Co-Workers as your affiliates and build your Team quickly.

  • Use the SFI Marketing Methods to the fullest

Use the various Marketing Methods provided by SFI, use them smartly in ads. in various places and remain hopeful for fresh sign ups to build your Team faster. (For more details, visit the Martketing Center)

  • Social Media

Use of social media e.g Facebook, Twitter to advertise your affilate link.

  • Advertise

Advertise some TripleClicks products with the 'share it' button, you will get some PRMs. Like these there are so many ways by which you can build your Team comprising of PSAs and CSAs quickly. SFI has been continuously coming out with many encouraging and innovative offers like Signing Bonus, MileStone Shares, CSA Rewards Program, etc. Please promote all these extensively, create fresh sign ups and keep building your Team faster!


SFI offers some Powerful Tools:

These programs are designed to help each affiliate to build his/her team quick and fast. You can buy them. Besides that, you can use traditional ways of promoting your SFI links at social media platforms or pay-to-click or pay-to-sign-up, etc, to get your affiliates. Or you could introduce SFI and TC to your friends or family members to let them become your affiliates.


I’m not saying these are the best ways. In my point of view Persistence is the fastest path.

You simply cannot build a successful team in short time, it takes time because your organization must grow deep as well as wide but there are things to keep in mind to make things easier and to have less attrition than the average affiliate. Keeping the active PSA you have active and earning is paramount to building your team faster. These tips will help you keep the active team you have active longer:

Smart 7 step plan

  • 1. Show them the money. You need to know how to generate TripleClicks sales so you are earning commissions and paying your standing order out of profits. Teach them what you learn and they too will be making money and less apt to leave.
  • ​2. Show them how to communicate properly. Teach them to use a messenger app, show them how to make YouTube Videos and do Google Plus Hangouts, and how to write follow up e-mails and coach their team. Show them the forums and AskSC and keep them in constant contact via Skype and e-mail. NEVER LET THEM FEEL ALONE.
  • ​3. Run regular performance based contest with fairly easy goals so they can see small victories that move them forward.
  • ​4. Praise them often, everyone loves a pat on the back and an at-ta-boy or at-ta-girl occasionally. If they reach a new rank, win daily grand, make the list of top sponsors, make it a opportunity to congratulate them in front of their peers.
  • ​5. Help them manage the time they have and find the time they don’t think they have for their business. Everyone on planet earth waste time and most of that time we don’t even think about. You order lunch for example and instead of doing mobile banking to move money from savings to checking you stop at the bank instead. You play Farmville instead of advertising while the laundry is washing.
  • 6. Keep their eyes on their goals. Remind them to spend at least 2 minutes a day watching those 3 uploaded images of things they will do when they are successful. Have them review the smaller monthly goals and break those down to weekly goals and daily goals and show them how to reward themselves for those baby steps.
  • 7. Teach this list to them before sending them out to recruit a team of their own.

That’s my 7 steps of active downlines and it’s a powerful tool.

Renzo Strijker

Entrepreneur・Passionate about SFI・Father and husband・Maverick & good teaching skills ・Join My Team at SFI and create a residual income!

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