The Secret of Building a Successful Downline

DownlineMost network marketers I talk to start with the impression that they need more prospects in their program. Whether it’s getting them from a lead company or through their own promotions, the problem in their mind is that they simply don’t have enough prospects – or even the right “quality” prospects.

And while having more prospects is usually better than not having enough… it is not the solution.

This misconception leads a lot of marketers into some big mistakes – like thinking that network marketing is simply a numbers game.

There are many many marketers who generate an awful lot of leads – often at great costs – only to find that they are not much better off in recruiting than they were before they invested their life savings or maxed out their credit cards.

What’s missing is probably the most important part of any network marketing business. And ironically it also seems to be the least talked about by up-lines, so called guru’s and even network marketing companies themselves.

Understand that any ad campaign that you begin today takes an average of 90 days for impact. From a marketing campaign’s inception to it’s conclusion and success is 90 days. And ironically enough, most internet marketers are long gone before the 90 day mark.

Stick to it

Do not jump from project to project but stick to it. Why is it so important to stick to it? Because network marketing is about relationship building. It is building your network of trusted relationships. And that will not happen on a one shot deal. You need to be building it.

You build it through continuity and value

Marketers refer to a sales funnel. You place raw prospects in the top and quality affiliates come out the bottom. Most marketers tell you, “It is a numbers game.” The more you stuff in the top of the funnel the more that pop out the bottom. The more people you talk to the more customers you will get. It is not true.

A sales funnel is the process of identifying who I should be talking to. Too many out the bottom and I can’t keep up. I cannot engage people individually and meaningfully. And too much time stuffing more and more in the top and I cannot invest at all in the fine people who are genuinely interested.

Most PSAs are not Affiliates but prospects. They are not confident or trusting of SFI as an organization or of you as their sponsor. You must build trust and they must feel confident that they can work and succeed here at SFI. I believe that happens even before the prospect becomes and affiliate.

So one off advertising, buy affiliates or massive traffic to your website is not the answer. You must build your list. You must cultivate each and every prospect on that list, developing people ready and willing to engage with purpose and energy in the SFI opportunity.

And what about Social Media?

Social media is a source of people with whom we have a relationship. But I believe the best tool available for building and cultivating our list is an email auto responder. Email campaigns that help people with valued content building qualified prospects who participate in our business.

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