If You Had an Extra $100 What Would Be The Best Way to Use It to Maximize And Help Grow Your SFI Business?

SFI ReinvestingFor many, the best way to maximize and help grow ones SFI business would vary from person to person. But for myself, if I were to outline a budget for $100 monthly, it would consist of the following items based on its significance in how it assists me in building my SFI Business.

1. I would place a standing order for 125 T-Credits for $36.25 (1500 VP) This will also provide me with the ability to either Bid, or pay for items using the T-Credits, and award 5-10 MRP based on the type of auction, MRP can be used to purchase other items in the TripleClicks website. Bidding awards up to 500 VP (VersaPoints) each month, so bidding in auctions can also win you prizes in addition to gaining you VP for your monthly rank.

2. I would add 2 S-Builder Co-Ops to my standing order to increase signups for 22.00 each. (280 VP x 2) These assist in building your PRM and SFI downline referrals; having one or more share each month ensures you will regularly receive signups for your SFI business.

3. Next, I would deposit $10.00 USD to my gift certificate account from which i can award hard working and determined affiliates with gift certificates of $2.00 each, then introduce them to WAVE3, giving myself an entry into the weekly drawing in the process, and assisting my new PSA in getting started on TripleClicks.

4. The balance of $9.75 can either be used to purchase small amounts of reasonably priced advertising for $1 to $2 or a little more depending on the type of advertising packages available, or it can be saved for the following month in which it can be used for additional purchases next month. Purchasing small advertising packages enables you to rate the purchase, and attain an additional 25 VP for doing so in addition to potential signups if you’re lucky.

But do not forget to do use A/B split testing through every step of the advertising process! When using A/B split testing put 80% of your budget in your best ads and use the other 20% for testing purposes. A/B split testing = Always Be Testing! Google the term if you get a chance.

Renzo Strijker

Entrepreneur・Passionate about SFI・Father and husband・Maverick & good teaching skills ・Join My Team at SFI and create a residual income!

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