How the New Fast Track 2.0 Program improves your SFI and TripleClicks business

Become a Fast Track Member and let the world know you plan to be a star in SFI. Show your Fast-Track Badge, your Fast Track Member Certificate and your Fast-Track Lapel Pin. Be an example to your team members, other SFI affiliates, TripleClicks Members, PRM’s and possible prospects. You get the Fast Track badge and certificate as soon as you qualify and the lapel pin after 3 months as Fast-Track Member. Your name and picture will be permanently displayed on the Fast Track wall of fame for all to see.

How to qualify

To qualify, you must just complete the 5 Fast Track actions in your Getting Started section of your To-Do-List and generate a minimum of $20 in sales and/or purchases within their first 10 days in SFI. There are more than one way to create a minimum of $20 in sales and/or purchases. You can promote any product at TripleClicks and create sales through your PRM’s or you can buy any product yourself. The best option for new members is to purchase a New Member Pack (NMP) during their first 10 days as SFI affiliates. It’s good value for money. You not only create $20 of sales, but you also get 200MRP’s, 50 TCredits, 10 EZ express tokens to play with in games and 30 Bonus entries in the Daily Crown at TripleClicks all to the value of $61.90. It’s a saving of $41.90.

Benefits of the Fast Track 2.0 Program

New Fast Track 2.0 can improve your SFI and TripleClick business in the many differences ways, if you learn and realize the benefits. New Fast Track 2.0 program improve my SFI business as per below;

  • FT 2.0 Can improve your extra income if you and your personally sponsored affiliates and their PSAs, on down up to 12 levels can all earn an extra 10% on their VP totals with 100% match to you for an even bigger reward.
  • When you interpret the latest intelligence of the new Fast-Track 2.0 Program, there are a great deal of benefit and perks such as:
  • 500 VersaPoints with all those mighty credits.
  • The NMP includes $6.70 CV.
  • Can improve your business if you purchase five NMPs (limited to the first 10-day window). And if you’re an SFI affiliate and you buy THREE NMPs, we’ll add yet another bonus: 20 more new CSAs (29 total)! Or buy FIVE NMPs and we’ll add 50 new CSAs (65 total)! IMPORTANT NOTE: The additional 20 or 50 bonus CSAs will not be added to your Genealogy until October 18th. Distribute the news to your downline before the dead line.
  • Can increase your TCredits if you purchase 1 unit of NMP with just $20.00 and you still got 50 TCredits with every purchase that I have made trough NMP. If I purchase 5 units of NMP, for sure I got 250 TCredits and 2500 VersaPoints and many more other benefits.

New Fast Track 2.0 program improve my TripleClicks business:
There has never been a better time to be in affiliating marketing’s or to get serious in your SFI business. The New Member Packs will even be offered to your TripleClicks personally referred members (PRMs) and ECAs, song artists, and W3 enrollment as well, helping you earn a nice once-off commission…and each member can buy up to 5 of these money savings NMP’s within their first 10 days at TripleClicks.

The FT Bonus Shares benefit of the FT program is a very, very important feature to point out to our Affiliates. We all have a very limited time to qualify for this new compensation plan addition. My fear is that a number of Affiliates may not understand the long-term ramifications of not being FT qualified. The 10% in extra shares of the Executive Pool could be a significant amount of monthly income over time. Make no mistake about it, as the Executive Pool is the most lucrative part of the compensation plan.

You can participate in Eager Zebra Game with tokens and a plethora of valuable free bonuses, 200 Membership Rewards Points. FREE BONUS, NMP also includes 30 FREE entries in the brand new TripleClicks Daily Crown Drawing. That’s one free entry each day for the next 30 days to win a share of over $1,700 in daily prizes! The more NMP you purchase, the more benefits you brought.


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