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Why this post?

  • To give new affiliates a head start
  • How the SFI Affiliate Center works
  • This post explains the 'Red Tabs' which are a vital part of your daily activities of your SFI Affiliate Center
  • Personal experience

The SFI Affiliate Center is your online workspace for tracking your progress. It is your productivity and communication hub. The SFI Affiliate Center contains an overview of all your activities within SFI. It is the backbone of your SFI Business.

The value of the system is in its ability to develop consistency in your business and the business of your downline organization. Think of it as the command center that everyone in your organization follows.

How the SFI Affiliate Center works

Bear in mind that the basic structure of the VersaPoint system is to help you in the process of taking the right actions consistently in building your business. The system is effective in keeping track of your progress by rewarding you for following through at each step.

Making the most of your SFI Affiliate Center

SFI Affiliate Center

The SFI Affiliate Center is fairly simple to use and offers an overview of all facets of your business. On the left are your earned badges. For each activity, you can earn a badge of achievement. The toolbar that contains all the information pertaining to your SFI operation is beneath the header. The most relevant pages are categorized and identified by red tabs next to your badges. A red tab designates new information to be reviewed as soon as possible.

SFI Affiliate Center: The Red Tabs

SFI Affiliate Center

The Red Tabs

The system is simple to follow; earn points daily by logging in and following each step as directed. You can earn at least 13 VersaPoints each day for a total of 390 VersaPoints in a 30 day period. Start by clicking on your ‘To-Do List’ tab; it will be red when it is not yet reviewed. Next, click on the rectangle at the bottom (‘ I have reviewed this information’) to receive 1 VersaPoint. Do the same for the ‘Tips’, ‘Stream’, ‘TC (TripleClicks)’, ‘ECA’, ‘EZ (Eager Zebra)’, ‘PB (PriceBenders)’, ‘Scoreboard’, ‘Movers’, ‘Growth”Goals’, and ‘Forum’ tab, as well. Now go to the ‘To-Do List’ tab and click on the link ‘For checking out the latest items at TripleClicks’. That last step is crucial. TripleClicks is your system for gaining online income.

To-Do List Tab

Here, you’ll find an easy-to-follow list of actions designed to help you build a successful SFI business. In addition to daily, weekly, and monthly actions for growing your business, there are also sections listing specific actions to promote Team Leadership and increase TC sales. You’ll also see one-time actions listed, which disappear from this list as you complete them. Each action you complete earns you VersaPoints (shown in the left column on the list). The more points you earn, the higher your SFI commissions can go!

Tips Tab

Stop here daily at the SFI Affiliate Center for your SFI Tip of the Day, an Affiliate Tip of the Day, a cool motivational Quote of the Day, and an informative Did You Know section outlining important aspects about SFI that you’ll want to keep in the forefront of your mind as you grow your business.

Stream Tab

I simply cannot stress enough the role effective communication plays in your business success! In fact, it’s SO important, SFI devoted this special home page tab, at the SFI Affiliate Center, entirely to instant posts to and from your team (up to six levels in your downline) and a2a friends. This is a GREAT way to pass along your own news items, alerts, notes of encouragement, and other important information. You can also view and reply to posts from SFI corporate and your favorite TripleClicks E-Commerce Affiliates (ECAs) from this tab.

To send new messages to some or all of your team members and a2a friends, just type your message (up to 340 characters) into the field at the top, select the group you wish to send the post to, and click Submit. Your recipients will see your instant post within their own Stream tabs. To reply to comments posted by others, simply click the “Leave a Comment” link below the replies, enter your message (200 characters max.) and click Post Comment.

TripleClicks Tab

As it’s name suggests, this tab is all about what’s going on at TripleClicks.com. As you learned in LaunchPad lesson #8, your SFI Affiliate-ship automatically includes a TC membership. You also learned that TripleClicks is your instrument for generating Internet income. Of course, as an SFI business owner and team leader, you’ll want to keep a close eye on what’s going on at TC by checking out the information on this tab every day, including:

SFI Scoreboard Tab

At the SFI Affiliate Center this is your spot for tracking and comparing your own progress with other SFI Affiliates, as well as viewing important SFI statistics as a whole. Think of your SFI Scoreboard Tab as your day’s “market summary”—a glimpse of the bigger picture as it relates to your own SFI business.

The top section presents a nice outline of your current VersaPoint statistics, including VP you’ve earned to date, VP you’ve earned so far this month, your Team Leader qualifying VP and the points you need to advance to the next rank, your current placement on the month’s VP Leaderboard, and whether you’ve qualified for today’s Daily Grand contest.

Below that, your Power Rank section lets you mark your progress, compared with other SFI Affiliates. You’ll see your Overall Power Rank status, as well as your Class Rank (how you rank among Affiliates who joined SFI the same day you did).

In the sections that follow, you can view your Sponsor Rating for the month (learn more about Sponsor Ratings here), your current E365 status, and your Country Rank (how you rank among affiliates in your country).

Update SFI Affiliate Center: New to the Scoreboard page is a section called My Earnings. My Earnings provides you with real-time, up-to-the-minute accounting of your commissions, royalties, and other affiliate perks and bonuses. You can now see exactly how much you’re earning from the first day of the month to the last!

A2A Tab

This is the control center for SFI’s a2a program, which allows you to network with your peers in SFI. You’ll learn all about using a2a soon in a coming LaunchPad lesson. For now, just know that a2a is flexible tool you can use to identify SFI Affiliates in your area; search affiliates by gender, age, join date, common goals, and more; share tips and ideas; discuss SFI news; form local SFI support groups; and A LOT more!

Movers Tab

A valuable resource for all SFI leaders, the Movers Tab is where you discover and keep tabs on your team’s movers and shakers. Each “mover” listing includes the affiliate’s name, SFI ID, rank, this month’s VP amount, VP needed for rank advancement, Power Rankings, join date, last Affiliate Center login date, and contact information. You can also contact each affiliate by SFI TeamMail, via SFIM (SFI’s online chat program), or through regular e-mail by clicking the appropriate icon within each listing.

The affiliates listed here will be your most active, and are extremely valuable to the success of your team. Review this list every day and make sure you’re following up with and supporting each of these persons. Sorts let you narrow your list based on your newest movers or those who are online now. This type of communication and team building is how you create the DUPLICATION, the most important factor in creating wealth with SFI!

Growth Tab

Whereas your Scoreboard is concerned mainly with your progress as compared to other affiliates, this tab presents information on SFI growth in general—and WOW are we ever growing! As an SFI Affiliate, you get to share in and profit from that growth, so you’ll naturally want to be checking this tab each day for the latest stats, including:

  • Enrollment totals for today, yesterday and month to date
  • Yesterday's top enrollers (their names, locations and enrollment totals)
  • A summary of TripleClicks statistics (member, product and ECA totals; number of countries w/members and ECAs)

But that’s not all! To the left side of this page, you can view SFI’s newest E365 Champion and ranking members, from our latest Fast Tracker to the most recent Platinum Team Leader. Click the affiliate name to view his/her Affiliate Snapshot; select the More link within each listing to view all the ranking members from newest to oldest.

Finally, at the bottom of this tab, you can see a running list of today’s enrollments (both SFI Affiliates & TC Members), including SFI and Member IDs, names, location, join time, sponsor/referrer, and co-sponsor. You can sort this list from newest to oldest or visa versa, as well as by country. This last sort option is a nice way to identify new affiliates/members in your area. Just click the new affiliate/member name to view his/her Affiliate Snapshot.

The data found in the Growth Tab alone could make for some compelling content in your own newsletters or announcements to your personally sponsored affiliates. Quoting real, concrete figures about the popularity of SFI and its growing numbers, the newest leaders, incoming affiliate locations, and more can increase the “wow factor” in your communications and fire up your team!

Goals Tab

Every successful person needs goals. Here, you can review the the goals listed on your Affiliate Profile (which we will discuss in more detail in a coming LaunchPad Lesson). To update your goals, just click the Edit my goals link at the bottom of the page to access your Affiliate Profile and save your changes there. Your updated goals will be immediately reflected on your Goals Tab.

Win-It! Tab

Life can’t be ALL work and no play—after all, pursuing your dreams should also be FUN! That’s where your Win-It! Tab featuring SFI’s DAILY GRAND contest comes in (contest info and rules). This exclusive daily drawing for SFI affiliates awards 100 lucky affiliates a share of $1,000 or more in prizes each and every day! Entering the contest is easy: simply visit the Win-It! tab and click the “Enter Today’s Drawing” button to submit up to 4 entries for that day’s contest:

  • You'll earn one entry for producing at least 10 VP during the previous day.
  • You'll earn a second entry for producing at least 20 VP during the previous day.
  • You can earn two additional entries each day for maintaining a minimum 1,50o VP Standing Order.

Ask SC Tab

Short for “Ask the SFI Community,” Ask SC taps into the wealth of knowledge of SFI’s tens of thousands of affiliates. It’s a great place to check for common affiliate questions and the best answers, as voted by you and your fellow SFI Affiliates. You can submit your own questions and answers from here, vote for the best answers, and even earn unlimited VersaPoints for top answers! (Learn more). In this way, the SFI Community will continue to build a powerful database where new and experienced Affiliates the world over can easily find the most pertinent, informative, and helpful answers to common (and not-so-common) questions.

You can sort through questions within several categories (a2a, Getting Started, VersaPoints, etc.) and by newest, most recent answers added, questions open for voting (voting period for each new answer is 10 days), questions you’ve voted for or haven’t voted for, questions with the fewest or most answers, and questions with the most votes. To vote, just click a question and select either the thumbs up or thumbs down icon. To submit an answer to a question, select that question, enter your answer in the text field to the right of the page, and click Submit Query. Get complete details about Ask SC.

Capitalizing on personal experience

Okay, so when you first sign up with SFI there are lots of things to learn. And I know it can be too much information for a lot of people. But if you are truly interested in building your own home based business, then you have to get excited about this program and what it can do for you.

So, what is the first thing you need to do to start off on the right foot, (so to speak), with SFI? And no, it isn’t sell something or recruit someone into the business. And it isn’t reading all the wonderful and amazing training we have here.

I believe the first thing you need to do to be successful here, is Show Up For Work, every single day.

Do you mean 7 days a week? Yes I do. If you can go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the dozens of other social media sites and play games, post a tweet, share a picture, or like a post, you can log in to SFI and at the very least, complete your daily tasks. That means turning the red tabs green by reading the information in each section and clicking the appropriate button or link to earn the associated VP (Versa Points) for those tasks.

So ask yourself these questions:

  • After all, aren't you here to start earning money?
  • If you don't show up for work to learn how the program is set up, how can you ever learn to make money?

It is the most important task of your home business day, because if you can’t or will not do that, you will not earn any money here. Plain and simple.

And if you are not able to log in one day for whatever reason, okay it is not the end of the world, but do not make one day into two, and then stretch to three, and so on. Habits are very easily formed, and most difficult to break. Start a new habit, one that will put you on path to success and financial freedom.

Log in, read and learn. At the very least, maybe 20 minutes a day, if you are really busy with something else. Otherwise stretch it into an hour by reading some forum posts, or reviewing a Launchpad lesson or a Rule of Success. Login to the SFI Affiliate Center each day and update the red tabs. If you do consistently accomplish your daily activities, you will accumulate VersaPoints. The Ask SC tab offers valuable information on using the Affiliate program and the available promotion tools. It contains comments and personal experiences written by SFI Members and users of the SFI Affiliate Center. Consider it as inside information on building your business. SFI continually updates tabs in order to improve the user experience which leads to a profitable business. Make the SFI Affiliate Center your first stop in the morning for marketing success.

Edit: For each VersaPoint (VP) you accumulate during the month, you will receive one share of the month’s pool. The more VP you score, the more you will earn from the TripleClicks Executive Pool! It’s that simple. Note that VersaPoints can be earned for doing a wide variety of (daily)actions, I will explain them in future posts.

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rosettemamaril - August 21, 2014

Good morning, SFI I’m one of Affiliates in SFI I keep earning and earning more versa points hoping to earn money to but still I don’t know how or when should Iget my paid and get my paid as one of SFI Affiliate please help hopefully you can help me answered all my question ! thank you !

    Renzo Strijker - August 21, 2014

    Hi Rosette,

    Thanks for your comment;

    I can understand your concern, here are a few hints:

    – In SFI reaching Executive Affiliate and TL (Team Leader) status can be done by earning VersaPoints.
    – You earn money by commissions and by earning VersaPoints which is called: TripleClicks Executive Pool
    – Every 10th of the month you receive a notification of your commissions being calculated, be sure to check how much you have earned.
    – I saw you are a little low on points to stay in the E365 contest. Please earn more points to stay in the game to collect more prizes.
    – Check out the 3 step basics: https://www.sfimg.com/SFIBasics3Steps << important I hope this helps you,

abdul tawab - April 23, 2015

I would like to join this company to make a good future

    Renzo Strijker - May 21, 2015

    You are very welcome to join my team Abdul,

selaelo - August 26, 2015

Hello, i joined this business yesterday so i am really interested in it but my problem is that i dont know how to operating it. could please help me where to start earning points and money.

ChhengLeab - March 2, 2016

Hello!I’ve already joined it,but exactly it is very difficult to me because i don’t know the steps of it , what to do first and next….

    Renzo Strijker - March 24, 2016

    Hi ChhengLeab, I understand your question. The first thing to do is the To-do list: https://www.sfimg.com/Home?tab=to-do_list

    I will also work on a detailed schedule on this blog of what to do first. Thanks for your question.

Deepika Nayak - October 16, 2020

I am very happy to know about SFI Affiliate to learn and to earn.
Thank-you so much SFI Affiliate


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