Best Tips For Winning Pricebenders Auctions

Winning PriceBenders auctions is an awesome way to buy products at a fraction of the retail price.

Although, many get lucky enough to win for as low as 99% discount and some end up losing high number of TCredits without winning. There are number of factors affecting for winning the auctions, let’s take a look:

  • Your budget for spending for particular auction. Stick to your budget! It sounds as simple as it is. Don’t persuade yourself buying more TCredits and hope to winning PriceBenders auctions. Just stop as soon as you run out of TCredits.
  • Proper planning for auction winning. For example: First you want to win 300 TCredits, then go for 50 CSAs, then Feature auction.
  • Never try to win all auctions. You may lose in most cases.
  • Have a look at latest winners First.
  • Mind the names of serial bidders.
  • Latest PTP winners.
  • If any person won 3 auction then he will not come again for 5 to 7 days so take care of it.
  • Bidders joining date so you can assume their experience of bidding.
  • Daily analysis of some bidders habit of bidding.
  • Use of Autobid wisely.
  • Timing of when to bid and when not to bid with some bidders. Also think about the global time, like when America en India sleeps.
  • Making an impression of a Serial bidder so some people leave just when you come.
  • Some intelligence of making someone bored so finally he leaves auction for you.

After all Skill of playing auction and luck favors for winning PriceBenders auctions.

Renzo Strijker

Entrepreneur・Passionate about SFI・Father and husband・Maverick & good teaching skills ・Join My Team at SFI and create a residual income!

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