7 Best Tips to Get the Most Out of Your TConnect Page

Your Member TConnect page can help you build your SFI business. Before you start attracting traffic, make sure that you’ve done your job in customizing it and ready to put into work. This includes adding your profile text, your photo, listed the stuff you’re selling and so on.

The best way to attract traffic to your Member TConnect page depends on your goal. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you focusing on building your SFI business?
  • Or sell your unwanted stuff?
  • Or generate TC products sales?

Regardless of which goals you’re focusing, here are some creative ways to attract traffic to your Member TConnect page:

1. Blog

Create a blog that grabs your visitors/prospects attention. You can do this by delivering valuable, useful and entertaining material about SFI/TripleClicks consistently. Include links of Share It! Button from the PriceBenders auction, your Daily Grand win and most importantly your Member TConnect page link. Offer subscription and start building an audience of loyal subscribers as repeat visitors.

2. Make a Valuable Offer

Offer something that is valuable and encourage your visitors/prospects t share it with their contacts. It could be an E-book about saving money, the best way to pay off debt and so on. You need to make sure that you have license to give away the E-books.

3. Write Awesome Content

Write high-quality guest posts for popular blogs in your niche. This is one of the most effective ways to put your blog site which contains your Member TConnect page link, on the radar of the people you want to reach. When you write the guest posts, you create a link back to your blog site and potentially garner hundreds of new subscribers with every guest post you write as you offer them something that they can’t resist.

4. Your TConnect Page on Social Networks

Promote your blog site containing your Member TConnect page on social networking sites. Use Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ to share links to your content (blog posts, videos, etc). When people start sharing your content with their friends, your number of prospects grows and so your chances increase in joining your SFI business or making sales of your unwanted stuff or generating TC product sales. What’s even better, is that Facebook and other sites will not mistakenly see your link as a threat/scam, and have you remove it. There have been some instances where members have not been able to post their gateways on Facebook due to Facebook blocking them. With your TConnect page, you won’t have that issue.

5. Advertise Your TConnect Page

Advertise on classified sites, newspapers, etc. There are lots of websites where you can advertise that you have something for sale. After providing a picture or a description of your products, include your link. This can work for local newspapers as well. While it will cost some money, there are still a lot of people who use newspapers as a source of information and will take a look at your site.

6. Forums

If you have your own blog, advertise what you have for sale and post your gateway. Forums are also a great resource. Include the link in your forum signature, and/or post in forum sections that allow members to sell or trade products.

7. Advertise for TripleClicks/Get PRMs

This is an indirect method. If you get more new members to TripleClicks, that is more people that can potentially buy from you. Also, this will help you in other ways. Having a PRM (Personal Referred Member) will allow you to earn commissions off of every purchase they make, whether or not it is from you. If they buy TCredits, or products from other ECAs, etc., you will get a percentage because you referred them.

From the methods above, you can try each one at a time and find out the best way that works for you.

Renzo Strijker

Entrepreneur・Passionate about SFI・Father and husband・Maverick & good teaching skills ・Join My Team at SFI and create a residual income!

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