SFI Log in: The Power of Showing Up – How Important is the Daily SFI Log in?

Woody Allen is famous for saying “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

The essence of that quote is justified when we think about the daily habits that lead to long term accomplishments. The SFI Program has established an important system for long term growth that starts with the SFI Log in.

How Important is the SFI Log in Process?

When a new SFI Affiliate gets started it is at that moment when the system can begin to help to develop their actions toward business success. It all starts with logging in each day to connect with the tutorials, tips and strategies that can make the first month a profitable one. This is important because in many cases, the first month in an SFI Affiliate’s career can determine their future business development.

The daily SFI Log in practice is designed to reward those who follow through consistently. There are VersaPoints which are awarded to affiliates for taking action on the daily To-Do List. The system is ingenious because each step develops specific strategies that new business owners will need to succeed.

They will gradually learn about the various products, tools and point systems which make up the SFI process. They learn about the ECA Program, PriceBenders Auctions and most important, the TripleClicks products and services that are available. This where solid information on leadership and business practices are imparted to affiliates.

The accumulation of these ‘points’ help affiliates reach certain goals each month that lead to consistent payouts and added benefits. The accumulation of points has a direct influence on Power Rankings as well. The point system makes the process of reaching incremental goals easy and achievable for any level of business.

SFI Log in and the Power of Scalable Achievement

Consider the prospect of learning the skills necessary to succeed in a new discipline. Many people are unsure of their ability to handle the complexities of a new business venture. If there were specific steps that someone could take each day that led to expected outcomes would they be able to do them on their own? SFI takes the guesswork out of learning the right steps to becoming an effective and profitable affiliate with their guided training. It all starts with the daily SFI Log in.

New business owners learn the correct steps from day one and continue to improve as they increase their involvement in their business. For example see my post on using VersaPoints to earn bonuses after the first month. The post is entitled: “VersaPoints; 5 Ways How to Earn After the First Month”. It offers a detailed strategy for achieving your monthly points for qualification to a leadership position.

The SFI training system allows anyone to come into the program and move through the system to leadership. It also helps leaders to duplicate the process as everyone who comes into the system under their mentors will be able to follow the same steps to predictable results. The power of duplication is what makes the system so effective in turning out profitable businesses.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of following the SFI Log in system:

  • Affiliates who perform the required actions each day are eligible for entry in the Daily Grand.
  • There is also automatic entry of a reward (E365, $ 50$ or 20CSA or 5TC or 100MRP) for the completion of daily actions.
  • The daily SFI Login and completion of the actions lead to free VersaPoints, which lead to additional rewards.
  • Affiliates can easily reach their EA qualifications each month with the help of this simple 10 minute daily practice.

The Value of Working as a Team

No one who follows the SFI Log in process each day will feel that that they are doing this on their own. There are support systems all along the way to assist businesses at every level. Everyone from fellow affiliates, SFI leaders and mentors have a stake in the success of any new member of the SFI family.

The importance of SFI mentorship cannot be overstated. Those who have been following the steps and gained success within the system are more than happy to assist others to reach their goals. They have seen and experienced the process and understand the importance of following the simple steps each day. They still follow the daily SFI Log in process because they know it works for all levels.

The Importance of Sticking with it

I put all my heart into teaching others how to follow the simple steps that I did to generate results because I know that not everyone will get the vision initially. There are many affiliates who will not catch a glimpse of what the business can do for them at the start. The journey is not a sprint but a marathon and many people are in too much of a hurry to get to the finish line to enjoy the race. Starting with a daily SFI Log in can set the pace for success.

I’ve made mistakes in the process and found that coming back to the basics will always set me back on the right path. The daily actions reset my focus and keep things simple and fun. Many won’t see this if they don’t take the initiative to start off properly. I don’t give up on them because I know that everyone has a different pace. They may not see the possibilities in SFI. They may not take me up on my offer of assistance. I still send these folks my weekly email tips and remind them of why they got involved in the first place. Those who return to log in or take other actions toward their goal will get a welcome message and further encouragement. The SFI program is a business with awesome potential and I am always willing to help anyone who is ready to show up to the daily SFI Log in.

Looking to succeed in your online business? Contact me to learn how to maximize TripleClicks profits starting with the daily SFI Log in program.

Renzo Strijker

Entrepreneur・Passionate about SFI・Father and husband・Maverick & good teaching skills ・Join My Team at SFI and create a residual income!

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Boitshepo Makgoro - May 15, 2015

?,I started last month now I am EA and I finished all the points please tell me how to gain other point without struggle.what is really a standing order.How can I make vp quick and achieve another stage.

    Renzo Strijker - May 21, 2015

    Hi Boitshepo, congratulations with your EA status, good job. To maintain your EA status login each to do the daily tasks. Check your To-Do list to finish more tasks to collect the awarded VersaPoints.

Andre Will Gasuti - October 24, 2018

I’m just joining sfi for a couple of of month. So far, im realy enjoy this kind of job.

Alexzander michael - June 3, 2020

this business is cool on how there are tranning us on how to creat a better future.God bless SFI FAMILY

CHINWE AMAEFULE - June 5, 2020

SFI is really cool. Infact I just joined newly,and I am excited on what I am seeing so far. It gives me time to work at my own pace. SFI is not fake, it is genuine. Cudos to SFI!!!


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