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How to Build a Thriving SFI Business

Beside your To-Do list you have quite a number of things you can do to grow your business: Give relentless support Continue to give relentless support in form of assistance, encouragement, and advice to your downline that will help them succeed: Teach them on how to access, read and apply the training materials: Home page […]

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Member Login Issues

While SFI works to restore their servers from the cyber-attack, you may experience errors or Member Login Issues on several areas of the site. They are logging these errors and correcting them as quickly as possible. SFI was also under a DOS (Denial Of Service) attack, which may result in intermittent slowness. EMAIL DELIVERY ISSUES 1. […]

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Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed by all the information is something every SFI Affiliate faces when starting out. We tend to get that feeling as we rush to gain points to reach rank like EA or Team Leader. So many of us fail to understand the concepts because we skim through the information and move on to the […]

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