25 Actions SFI Affiliates Do Every Day Working Online With SFI

Working Online With SFI

For SFI Affiliates it’s important when working Online With SFI to log in each day and do daily tasks. And like I do, always check VP ledger, maybe you forgot to do something from before. Every day your downline needs to learn and to improve their knowledge, but the most important thing is to apply what they learn in practice.

If we don’t learn about new ways to advertise or adapt to every situation, we will have stagnation, because this is one of the most changing areas of business.

When I start my day Working Online With SFI, the first thing I do is:

  1. Check my personal e-mails for anything from one of my team members and also from any of my a2a friends. If I have mail from either of them, I then try my best to assist them with whatever they need help with.
  2. Then I sign into SFI, the first thing I do is check my mail and respond to all that I need too.
  3. Then I go to TC and enter into T-Time to start my chances at winning 2 TCredits for the day.
  4. Then I check out my Alert Page and see if there are any new posts in the News.
  5. Then I click on all of the newest Forum Posts and read them and if I can I will respond.
  6. The information from just doing those two things will keep me updated with the latest information.
  7. Then I go through all of my To-Do list tabs. I read everything in each tab.
  8. I respond to all Stream posts and always try to give some information or a good quote in my Stream post.
  9. I always go and check out the newest items listed in TC. (Never know, there might be something that I might want to buy.)
  10. I always check out the Scoreboard to see what is going on with my VP’s that I must work towards to be able to maintain my leadership. I also check into my place in the E365 race, because one of my goals is to become one of the E365 champs.
  11. So, it is important to do as much as I can to take the lead and keep on trying to get ahead and stay ahead of the race. This is a challenge.
  12. When I get to my Movers tab, I see how much my team has done. If any one of them has moved up to say EA or other leadership, I congratulate them and also see if I can help them with anything.
  13. If I noticed that someone has not signed in for a couple of days, I will send a team mail and ask if everything is going ok and how can I help them with their next step.
  14. When I get to Ask SC, I read and vote on the first 10 answers to the questions. Then if time allows me, I will continue to read the next 20 answers to the questions to get a extra entry into the Daily Grand.
  15. Then when I get to the Win-It tab, I see if any of my team or my a2a friends win. If they do, I send them a little congratulations note, because it will make them feel good for the day, and I am happy for them. Then of course I click for my entry.
  16. When I am all done with my To-Do list, I go back to the Alerts page and read the forum posts again to see if any more information has been added to the threads that I have already read.
  17. Then I might go and check on some of the other topics in the forum for some of the threads that have new posts in them.
  18. Then my time in SFI is finished for now. Now, it is time to get advertising. I will post ads where ever I can for at least one to two hours daily.
  19. I also take time to do some searching on other things to help me with my advertising, such as blogs, pay per clicks, traffic exchanges, drop-ship companies for products to sell in TC.
  20. I look for other ways to do some creative advertising.
  21. I also look in the Internet Income course for this information and also in the forum. So much information can be found in these two locations for advertising and many other informative topics.
  22. It is important to take some time to read articles and the forum posts. Reading is going to help you in so many ways with your business.
  23. Near the end of my day, I go back into SFI and check to see if I have any mail from my team and if so I respond.
  24. I will check out the newest posts on the Alerts page and also try my luck at T-Time.
  25. I also try my luck with PTP (Pick-The-Price Contest) in the auctions and sometimes I will watch the auctions and also play in the auctions for something that I want to win. But a lot of times someone is using the auto-bidder so I don’t stay.


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