4 Ways to Let Your Downline Approach Their SFI Business Realistically

SFI Business RealisticallyIn this post I will explain 4 ways to get your affiliates to approach their SFI business realistically, as a real business and not some get unrealistic rich quick scheme namely:

#1 Explain how to obtain short term income

There are some activities within SFI which generate relatively fast income such as PPA (SFIPPA) and PRM (Personally Referred Member). With the PPA program every new qualified affiliate you generate gives you a bounty up to $10 for each qualified sign-up. Every spend dollar by your PRM you earn 45% of the Commission Volume (CV) for life!

#2 Explain how to obtain medium term income

The quality of the business activities of the affiliate are determined by the ability and skill of affiliates. The better the ability and skills get, the faster the affiliate revenues at SFI. When you are a new affiliate you should focus on reaching a Team Leader status right in the first month. This will give a share which will give CSAs (CoSponsored Affiliates) Every spend dollar by your CSA gives you 10% commission.

#3 Explain how to obtain a long term income

All business activity in the SFI if run with a vengeance and concerned with quality will require a relatively long. This will generate revenue in the long term and very sturdy, so as to provide income in old age.

#4 Explain how to run a quality business

By understanding the business on SFI in detail will produce a quality business. Learn things that can support business success in SFI and established good relationships with affiliates. Run all of it in earnest, with prudence and with proper care will result in a qualified business.

That’s the way-how to get affiliates to the SFI business they approached realistically, as a real business and not get rich quick schemes are realistic. The speed is determined by the earning ability and skills affiliate in running business activity in the SFI business as well as quality desired by the affiliate.

Renzo Strijker

Entrepreneur・Passionate about SFI・Father and husband・Maverick & good teaching skills ・Join My Team at SFI and create a residual income!

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