Commission day

SFI Affiliate is like gold miningEvery 10th of the month the commissions will be processed and placed in your SFI account. (commission day) So it is a bit exciting moment when you open your commissions report. The excitement of how much you earned this month. Can you feel it already? I feel like a gold miner who cleans out his sluice box.

But.. just like a gold miner who faces less profit then he expected, so did I in my first months in SFI. This is a moment of truth, this could be a reason to quit.

So, what can we do about it?

Start by relaxing. Just take a deep breathe. This is the moment to let the Auto pilot do it’s work. I mean, do just the daily tab scrolling. Collect your VersaPoints as much as you can, hold your EA status. I recommend to take a look at the S-Builder unit. I also bought one and made a standing order out if it. What is does is it gives you the opportunity to get more PSA (personal sponsort affiliates) and it works on auto pilot. You only need a few highly motivated PSA’s to make each month a bigger commission then before. Not only on products they buy but also on the amount of VersaPoints they achieve during the months. They are your gold.

So, relax, keep your EA status, and consider buying a S-Builder unit.

Ps. There has been an update on the Scoreboard tab. You can now see how your commissions are growing during the month, how cool is that?

Renzo Strijker

Entrepreneur・Passionate about SFI・Father and husband・Maverick & good teaching skills ・Join My Team at SFI and create a residual income!

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