Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmedFeeling overwhelmed by all the information is something every SFI Affiliate faces when starting out.

We tend to get that feeling as we rush to gain points to reach rank like EA or Team Leader. So many of us fail to understand the concepts because we skim through the information and move on to the next topic. Then the feeling of information overload kicks in and being faced with the need to apply something we know we covered but just can’t remember or are unsure of how to apply because we did not take the time to fully understand what we read. Feeling overwhelmed leads to frustration and the chance you might want to quite.

So, what can we do about feeling overwhelmed?

I don’t think we can escape from the mad rush for points so we need to get the most out of the available information as possible. A failure to “understand the program/SFI” is one of the top reasons why affiliates opt out. This is a problem that SFI recognizes and so both the launchpad lessons and the intermediate actions are structured to cover much of the same material (reinforcement which is lost if both are rushed through). Also when striving for the 24 hour bonus we are encouraged to choose from among the getting started actions or data submission. So, no stress there.

Review system

But we need to establish a review system; that’s right re-read everything and not just once either- until we understand what it means and how to implement. Choose a topic for the day and concentrate on finding all information on it. The research can even be taken outside of SFI if necessary. But believe me between the ROS, keys to success, income training, forum, Ask SC, sponsor, up-line and down-line (yes quite often our down-line members are reading with understanding even better than we are- I know)we are covered.

Once you got the hang of a concept, implement it. Nothing gives a boost of self confidence as seeing good results from something you did. Improve your standards of operation by tweaking methods. Occasionally share a brief analysis/breakdown of various concepts through weekly mailer. This helps all concerned. You may choose from questions asked by team members – others often need the same assistance but fail to request it. Encourage team members to come to you when they need help. But this will only happen if trust has been developed so maintain clear, open lines of communication.

More importantly, create and regularly redefine manageable goals (include reaching out to your team) and a pathway to their fulfillment. Work tenaciously at achieving them and once you do, challenge yourself to a higher level of performance. Challenge your team also- nothing gets the juices flowing like a good old competition. The need to succeed will force a review of training material – eureka! another subject grasped, frustration eliminated, nerves calmed.


Also, when you start feeling overwhelmed breath in through your nose for 7 seconds, slowly breath out through your mouth for 10 seconds. Repeat that for around 5 minutes and that should relax you as well. This is what I do when I get too stressed out or feeling overwhelmed.

Last tip: try to alleviate your stress and when you start to get feeling overwhelmed, take a day or two off reading.

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