How to Build a Thriving SFI Business

Beside your To-Do list you have quite a number of things you can do to grow your business:

Give relentless support

Continue to give relentless support in form of assistance, encouragement, and advice to your downline that will help them succeed:

  • Teach them on how to access, read and apply the training materials: Home page > Training menu.
  • Teach them on how to use the FORUM to ask questions about things new to them.
  • Explain the importance of talking to you and other upline members concerning their challenges.
  • Never direct them to look for answers somewhere else when they ask you questions on issues about SFI. Rather look for a way to help.
  • Set up an S-Builder Co-op for your team so they can benefit from the worldwide advertising campaign.

Concentrate on acquiring new PSAs and CSAs

  • Get new PSAs and CSAs from Pricebender auctions and PSAs TO GO.
  • Publicize your GATEWAYS e.g. FREE GATEWAY; INVITATION GATEWAY etc through the following process:
    • Create a blog and/or website; then update the blog/website with your gateways and SFI marketing aids;
    • Publish your blog and/or website through ad posting websites.
  • Participate in the E365 and Daily Grand contest to win CSAs.
  • As a team leader, you earn shares in the second home CSA every month.

Elevate your rank

So you can access GREAT BENEFITS that ensures triving SFI business for you:

  • As an EA and above for example, you get 2 CSAs every month you re-qualify.
  • 10 Tcredits or more each month you re-qualify.
  • Get express attention as a team leader from SFI support team.

Get commissions on your activities

  • Participate in SFI pay per action (SFIPPA) where you can earn up to $10 per qualified sign-up.
  • Get commission by referring people to become tripleClicks member and purchase items.
  • Encourage your downlines to re-qualify each by signing-up for Standing Order, and you get the commission.

You should not quit

Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit.

Renzo Strijker

Entrepreneur・Passionate about SFI・Father and husband・Maverick & good teaching skills ・Join My Team at SFI and create a residual income!

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Ssekito - January 23, 2016

Hi Renzo,

I am a good follower of your blog i appreciate your work and would like to join your team and on that note am trying to build a business blog.

Can you kindly give me a tutorial on how to install an RSS feed button on my blog that am trying to work on.

I have some internet marketing knowledge and i know having a website help capture traffic.

I would appreciate please!

    Renzo Strijker - January 24, 2016

    Hi Ssekito, thank you so much for your comment. I’m happy to be of help. For the RSS button I do not have a tutorial (yet). It mainly depends which platform you use. Open an Feedburner account here: https://feedburner.google.com to enable your blogposts for RSS feed. It’s easy to set up. If you have questions please mail me.


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