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SFI Affiliate ProgramHow much does a doctorate degree cost in comparison to the SFI Affiliate Program? According to the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the average cost of a doctorate degree at a public school in 2008 reached $48,400 per year. Private school tuition during the same year rose to $60,000 annually. A typical doctoral program takes five full-time years to complete, bringing the total cost to $242,000-$300,000 (nces.ed.gov).

SFI Affiliate program

At SFI we have a training program, the SFI Affiliate Program and it’s much more affordable than any school, in fact we train for free on a part time basis so you don’t have to quit your current job. And you don’t have to spend 8 years or more before you can realize a 6 figure income. We have the most incredible distance learning program in the world and you can learn in the privacy of your home at your leisure.

In fact, even though no one can guarantee a 6 figure income in any industry, the SFI Affiliate Program system is known as a 3 to 4 year plan. Now many will call it a 2 to 3 year plan, but sometimes it takes a bit longer so I like to be fair and call it a 3 to 4 year plan.

Now there is a catch. You have to work and become Executive Affiliate every month. Don’t worry, this won’t cost you $242,000-$300,000 a year. It boils down to about $37 a month, or $444 a year. Slightly less than studying for a doctorate.

Normally, you would work a 45 year plan. You get a job when you are young, learn a skill or a trade and you work for what? 45 years right? When you retire does your boss continue to pay you? Of course not. You hopefully end up with a government check for the rest of your life which we all know is not much. Those who have a pension will get something every month from that also. This is what we call a limited income right? It’s called that for a reason and for many people it is VERY limited.

But what if you could earn $100,000.00 or more in 3 to 4 years and retire on the same income? That would be awesome would it not? And it would not be limited would it? Most people could actually enjoy a nice retirement on $1900 or $2000 a week. That’s over $8000 a month.

Now, I want to be fair. If you are earning more than that already SFI Affiliate Program may not be for you since you already have enough money. So this is for those who aren’t earning this much money yet and want to do so and improve their lifestyle.

We have a team of teachers at SFI Affiliate Program you can tap into and gain from their knowledge and experience, your sponsor and your co sponsor. And anyone in your upline. We are staffed by some of the best minds in the business and we don’t want you to throw this education away or think it’s not valuable because it’s free. In fact, once you become a marketing expert you and your sponsor will continue to be in touch and work together for life. Far better than a college where you only have your teacher for 8 or 12 years and then you are on your own. With SFI Affiliate Program you have a lifetime of training and coaching.

This is the most valuable training system anywhere. You can sit at your computer every day and the training never ends. Fuel costs in this business are minimal, no more driving long distances to work every day. For the rest of your life you can watch your earnings increase year after year. You decide how long it will take you to reach a six figure income by the things you do now. Because what you do today will affect your earnings tomorrow and every tomorrow to come.

I hope I have expressed the benefits of SFI Affiliate Program well enough here. I see a lot of people who are not benefitting from the SFI Affiliate Program because they are not working. I hope that even if you are one of the people who has not been working consistently that you will start today. Don’t worry about the past, we can’t change that. But what we can do is change your future, one day at a time. With the SFI Affiliate Program of Strong Future International you can in fact have a strong future.

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