4 SFI Affiliate Marketing Techniques

SFI Affiliate Marketing TechniquesYou may have heard the saying that word-of-mouth is the best advertising. As true as this is, how does an SFI business owner generate effective word-of-mouth advertising? One reason why word-of-mouth promotion is so powerful is the fact that we get recommendations from people we trust. Advertisers use celebrity endorsements to connect their products to people we hold in high esteem. What are the best ways to get our customers and new sign-ups spreading the word to their friends and family?

I’m going to share with you four SFI Affiliate Marketing techniques or taking your SFI Affiliate business to a level where you will be generating income consistently. What’s even more important is that these techniques can be used by anyone within your organization to build their business as well.

1. Begin With A Market Niche – Build A Movement

Let’s start with the market niche for particular products. If there is a product that you like on TripleClicks, identify the product niche. Begin making connections with others who have an interest in that particular niche. SFI and TripleClicks have thousands of products from which to select your first marketing opportunity. Take a look at the online forums within this niche. Go off-line and speak to friends and neighbors who may have an interest in that particular product line. Personal testimonials are powerful motivators for others. This marketing technique can yield amazing results saving you time, energy and money.

Here’s an example to consider; health and fitness is an issue with broad appeal.  There are lots of ways to connect with people who are interested in fitness, health and well-being. Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition is an affordable way to get the essential vitamins minerals and micronutrients essential to good health and optimal performance. Start by being your own best customer. Place Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition on your monthly standing order list. Experience its benefits for yourself and learn all you can about the product.

Begin relating your personal story to others; demonstrate how the product benefits you and how it can benefit them. Blog about health and wellness. Become the type of person that others can trust when it comes to health and wellness. Find others in your sphere of influence that has health and wellness interests. With consistent action, within a short time you will have people contacting you for the chance to be part of your health and wellness movement.

2. Finding The Top Social Influencers In Your Market Niche

Imagine if Dr. OZ had you on his television show to discuss the ways in which you maintained your optimal health and well-being. Now imagine what would happen if this famous Television personality who happens to be a famous surgeon endorsed your product and a link to your website. This is the power of social influencers.

These are the people who are trusted by thousands of people in their communities; who offer helpful advice and beneficial tips to their fans, friends and readers. Take the time to get to know a few of the top influencers in your market niche. Connect with them on a personal level before sending any offers. You can find these top influencers both online and in your own backyard.

3. Off-Line Community Building Reads Big Rewards

Become involved with your community; connect with others through your local Chamber of Commerce or charity events. As a business person, being around other like-minded individuals can help to bolster your self-esteem as well as increase your business. A great way to meet people and build fruitful relationships is by serving the needs of others as an active member of your community. People are more apt to listen and take action if they trust you and like you.

Here is an important point to keep in mind about networking and building a community within your niche. You will be putting in some effort on a consistent basis; you can work both on and off-line to build your community and your connections. The process is like farming; you will need to lay the foundation and plant the seeds then you will need to apply consistent effort for a period of time before you begin to see the results.

4. Build Your Brand For Ongoing Success

The old saying “Good fortune favors the prepared” is very appropriate in business. Begin to build a name for yourself from the beginning. Establish your business properly to help optimize word-of-mouth marketing. Become well known in your niche; have a catchphrase or memorable logo for your business. When people read press releases that feature your story they should have something interesting to pass along. Connect with your local newspapers; send out regular press releases and articles with interesting information related to your niche. Build an online (and off-line) reputation to help bolster your word-of-mouth marketing strategy.

The information I’m sharing with you may seem to be basic but it is very important. It is not enough to read the information; it will do you no good until you take action. The ultimate goal of word-of-mouth advertising is to generate interest in your products through viral messaging. The process will take a little time to develop but once you have laid the foundation, your business will experience dramatic improvement.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. My goal is to show you how to develop an extremely profitable enterprise that you can feel proud to call your own. I think that you are serious about creating a business that generates an above average annual income. The information I pass along is not only achievable, but “duplicate-able”. This means anyone within your organization should be able to follow the same success patterns to achieve outstanding results.

There are more tips coming on my blog that will touch on specific strategies to boost your conversion rate, your sign-up average as well as your profitability. Some of the strategies I will teach you may seem unconventional or even counterintuitive but they have been proven in the field where it counts. So, until next time keep taking action toward your goals.


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