The Value of Marketing Tools for a Successful SFI Affiliate Business

There are many types of SFI Affiliates and many reasons for becoming one. Many people make the decision to join this program to earn a little extra income to supplement their existing wages. Others seek to build a large enough financial base (through SFI Affiliate Marketing) to free themselves from crushing debt.
Whatever your goal, it is crucial to understand that success will come through an investment in time, money or both. I am going to recommend a few powerful SFI Affiliate Marketing tools to help you to speed up the process and get to you to your goal much faster.

The Value of SFI Affiliate Marketing Tools in an SFI Affiliate Business

You have heard me say this time, and again; you must treat your business seriously in order to make standstill games from your efforts. The following tools will help you to succeed by speeding up the marketing, recruitment or sales necessary to reach the level of income you desire. You don’t need to get every tool on the list or get them all at once. Build your business on sound financial principles from the start. Establish your plan of action and your budget and work within your means.

1. Pay-Per-Action (PPA) Program:

This is a unique form of advertising that allows the client to pay only when a predetermined action is taken by a prospect. For example if an advertiser is paying for phone calls in his or her area code, they would only pay for phone calls that came in through that designated area code.

The SFI Pay-Per-Action advertising program can greatly enhance your business in two ways.  You can earn up to $12 for each SFI Affiliate and five dollars for each qualified TripleClicks Member.  There are varying levels of action for which SFI will compensate you. Bear in mind that the amount of money you earn is based on the action taken by the individual sign up. Read the rules carefully and plan your strategy based on the PPA stipulations.

Pay-Per-Action Tip: use the Pay-Per-Action (PPA) Program as part of a comprehensive recruitment strategy. Learn how many prospects you need to recruit in order to earn compensation. As in every endeavor, it will take a certain amount of experience and analysis to get the numbers just right. The effort is worth it because you will learn how to successfully recruit for yourself and SFI in the process. You will in turn, be able to confidently teach others how to do what you have done.

2. ECA (E-Commerce Associates) Program:

This has got to be one of the most effective ways of generating income through SFI or anywhere else. As an e-commerce associate, you have the ability to reach millions of shoppers around the world. You can upload your products to triple clicks then promote your link. As you learn to market your products successfully, you will generate sales consistently. Once you receive your orders from triple clicks, fulfill them and your payment is transferred automatically.

One of the most important skills that anyone can ever learn is the ability to market a product or service. SFI and TripleClicks has all the tools needed to learn and execute effective marketing. In this program, you will earn as you learn. The process is as simple as sharing your SFI link to earn money each month.

3. Pricebenders™ Auctions:

Pricebenders™ Auctions provide totally new manufacturer’s products, some refurbished or used items as well as gift cards to consumers. The prices are dramatically lower than any regular retail store. Furthermore, prices begin at only a penny! Each and every bid that is registered causes the price to increases by another penny. The last bidder will then purchase the product for that ending selling price. The final prices are usually far below the retail price even with heavy bidding on a popular item. Take look at the most recent winners to see what they have picked up. There are quite a number of incredible deals that are made throughout the day.

Use your TripleClicks account to apply your credits to bid on items. You can get them in packs of various amounts; one, 10, 20, 50, 100, 125 and 200. You can use your key credits to sell items on TripleClicks as well. Use them to download music and purchase products. You can start bidding as soon as you get your TCredits for as little as $.29 per pack. One of the best things about bidding through Pricebenders auctions is the opportunity to reap rewards whether you have won the bid or not. You will receive five Member Rewards Points for every bid placed on an item. That is what I call a win-win situation.

The three strategies I’ve mentioned can take you very far as a profitable SFI Affiliate. Each component allows you to generate points, sales as well as recruit other SFI Affiliates. You can focus on one method or all three depending on your abilities and interests. Here are a few tools to help you gain momentum in your business.Here are  several sure methods for sponsoring SFI Affiliates :

1. Here are  several sure methods for sponsoring SFI Affiliates

1.1 E-Cards:

E-Cards are a great tool for SFI Affiliate Marketing. Sending e-cards is actually easier than you might think. There are many places online that allow you to create and send them to your contacts with a few mouse clicks. If you are creative, you can create your own with clip art collections and a few engaging quotes or bits of useful information. That is all you need to do.

E-cards are a great reminder to people that you want to keep in touch. If you wish you can try a few of the fun, interactive e-cards that link to videos or play music or a message. You can do a lot with e-card to keep your prospects and affiliated informed, aware and committed to taking action.

1.2 Text Ads:

Publish ads to numerous online forums with your SFI link. Create powerful eye-catching text ads by focusing on what the prospect wants. Taylor your ads to be specific website in order to get the most benefit. For example, take a look at specials that TripleClicks has to offer and find appropriate sites that match those products. Place an ad relating to the products and the needs of your prospect. Making relevant text ads is a great way to drive business to your SFI link.

1.3 Social Networking Promotions:

Using Social Networks can be tricky because many people are not quite sure how to properly utilize this strategy. The goal of social networking is to make connections and offer useful information to others in the group. It is important to schedule your communication on a consistent basis regardless of the social networking system in use. Whether you are using Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any others, stay consistent with your posts and add your SFI link with a simple call to action at the end.

2. Methods for generating TC Sales:

2.1 E-Cards:

Most shoppers would be shocked and amazed if they knew what they could save through the use of TripleClicks. The major challenge that affiliates have when marketing the system is getting the word out. That is where e-cards can be an amazing benefit. Why not build a list of prospects and send them weekly e-cards with helpful information on TC savings and auction tips?  Use the service yourself and generate savings then tell your folks about the great deals that you have scored.

2.2 Text Ads:

Use text ads to do the same thing as e-cards. Let your email list know about shopping tips but post ads with quick headlines about great savings as well as online auction successes. Add your link to send prospects to your affiliate page.

2.3 Social Networking Promotions (Facebook, Twitter, etc.):

Share your shopping tips and income generation know-how with others using pictures, or articles on how to purchase great consumer items for less. Everyone loves to shop. You don’t have to sell people on shopping just give them great ideas on where to find great deals. Add your TripleClicks (SFI) links to any posts that you make then bookmark the posts. Establish a list of social bookmarks and post them on your blog as an RSS feed. I’ll go into more details on how to do that in a later blog post. That brings me to another very important tool that you must have for marketing.

2.4 Create your own blog or website.

It is not that difficult. You can use free online blog sites as well as Web 2.0 sites to let people know how to shop smart and earn a living doing so.  I recommend setting up a WordPress site for your business. Get your own domain name and server in order to get the most benefit. Even if you start out on a free site, be prepared to migrate over to your own set up later. You are going to want to capture email addresses and build your marketing list of prospects. This will be your marketing treasure chest.

There are quite a lot of ways to put these tools that I mentioned into effect to maximize your income potential. I will be covering more ideas and digging deeper into these tools later on. The main thing to remember is that you can get started right away for no money and earn as you learn.

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