What is SFI Marketing Group? How Can You Benefit from It?

SFI Marketing GroupGetting started in business can be confusing and expensive for those who are inexperienced at building extra income from home businesses. One of the best ways to learn about creating a profitable home based business and make great money while doing it is the SFI marketing system. The best thing about the program is that you can produce great results for free. Strong Future International, or SFI for short, has been a leader in the affiliate marketing.

The SFI Marketing Group has made great strides in both educating its affiliates and building co-venture partnerships with great companies to build an online presence that serves a worldwide audience. There are many online business opportunities out there and some are extremely well established. What separates SFI Marketing Group from many others is the combination of options for creating a viable income from the start without spending a lot of money. The organization offers various incentives to build your business while training you in the daily habits that lead to success.

Although there are many reasons to take a serious look at SFI, I’m going to focus on just three at the moment:

1. Start out with a free membership with a lot of great benefits

You can actually begin to see progress through this basic option. From there you can move on to becoming an Executive Affiliate where you can begin to build a more profitable operation. This is the recommended step because creating a profitable business requires tools and a marketing strategy. An EA2 level is the natural progression to consistent profitability.

2. SFI Marketing Group is the largest direct selling company worldwide right now

There are over 200 countries involved in the affiliate program and the list is constantly adding new areas. The company prides itself on teaching simple steps to solid business growth. They have developed a mentorship program that is second to none when it comes to effectiveness. Affiliates can choose from many options for building their businesses and take it to any level they desire.

3. Gery Carson is dedicated to constant improvement within the organization

Gery is the founder and President of SFI Marketing Group. His involvement in the company is total; stop by the discussion board and you’ll often find him connecting with other member’s one on one. The fact that the president of the company addresses the day to day concerns of the thousands of members in the organization is a blessing. Carson knows the operation inside and out; there are systems in place within the organization that allows everyone to excel by following Gery’s principles for leadership. Being a part of his mentorship program is invaluable.

The SFI Marketing Group – A Great System for Growth and Progressive Compensation Plan

There have been recent changes and upgrades to the SFI compensation program. The powerline approach to creating an affiliate organization offers increased benefits in many areas especially to advanced members. The Executive Affiliate is a term used to designate leaders who are building their own downline organization. Accomplishing this level is not difficult and the incentives to stay there is extremely beneficial. Join the ‘Fast Track’ program and upgrade your first month to experience additional membership benefits.

The company has managed to combine training and compensation to form a unique system. Points are awarded for simple actions which can lead to monthly leadership qualification as well as increased profits. As you plug into the system and learn the basics of affiliate marketing, you can build an organization of affiliates and plug them into the training program as well. This is the power of duplication and exponential growth. As more individuals follow your lead and build their businesses with your help and that of SFI, you are very well compensated for your efforts.

The Products, Services and Marketing Options

Businesses make money by selling products and services; your affiliate business will be no different. SFI Marketing Group offers a huge line of products from which to market to a worldwide audience. There are thousands of products in hundreds of categories for a variety of markets. The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE) is the organization with the infrastructure that handles the product line. The system does the majority of the heavy lifting for you.

One of the most valuable skills you can learn and apply in the SFI affiliate program is duplication and mentoring. You get technological tools for creating your retail business, your affiliate organization and profits from changing your own shopping habits. You can sell the business opportunity to prospects, promote the thousands of products to a growing consumer list or advertise the huge savings that can be obtained through the auction site. Any one of the above options can lead to ongoing income each month. Step up your program for bigger and better results.

There are over nine million members in the SFI system at this point and the trend is only getting better. This is the time to get started in business for yourself but not by yourself. Take a look at the company that is making a dramatic difference in people’s lives. SFI Marketing Group members have a great opportunity to establish a profitable home business. Learn how to make money and build a solid affiliate organization that can grow beyond your own time and effort.


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