6 Best Ways to Utilize Your Monthly Standing Order of TCredits

TCreditsFirst: TCredits what are they and what can you do with it?

TCredits are units you can purchase at TripleClicks.com and use to list and sell stuff you no longer need for cash at TripleClicks. You can also use TCredits for bidding on Pricebenders Auctions, for downloading TripleClicks Music, and more. Purchase TCredits from the store HERE.

6 ways to utilize your TCredits

1. Use them to buy items that you want or need, because you should be using TripleClicks as the store to buy from first.

2. Use TCredits for a contest for Affiliates on your team, who are at least EA2 (multi-month Executive Affiliate) PSAs and CSAs. This is a great incentive to help your affiliates reach their goals each month.

3. Bid on the PriceBenders Auctions and receive items at a lower price. You will receive 5 MRPs per bid that you can use for more products or TCredits. You can keep or sell the items you win on your TripleClicks store.

4. Play Pick-The-Price and the Time Machine games. You will receive VPs for playing these games.

5. If you have not done this, I suggest you buy W3 kit. The cost is $1.95 one time to receive Free Stuff and be eligible to buy the monthly Special Offer on your TripleClicks tab in SFI. For more information go to: http://www.tripleclicks.com/Wave3/Wave3.php

6. Listen and vote on TripleClicks Music Contest. You can download music for 1 TCredit per download. You will also receive 1 VP for each song download. Being a Wave3 member will allow you to download 1 song free each month.

Your TCredits are as good as cash, hence, use them judiciously. TCredits can be used to buy products, as prizes for contests organized up by you, for playing at games, etc. These are all listed in the SFI website.

My advice is to use these to further your SFI business. Participating in auctions gives you a chance to win more TCredits, PSAs, CSAs, domains, units of S Builder Co-op etc. Besides you can get Double MRP on particular auctions. These MRPs can be used to purchase more such products. This can be done till your business achieves critical mass, after which you will have extra TCredits at your disposal.


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