How to Encourage Your Downline Members to Purchase From TripleClicks

We have two types of down line: the ones who will buy from TripleClicks and the ones who won’t. The ones who won’t buy really have no available cash, still have doubts about SFI/TripleClicks, or don’t understand how to buy. And you have the ones who will buy once they see the importance of buying from TC.

A Few reasons why:

  • To outline the importance of investing in your own business
  • You earn 45% of the Commission Volume* of every purchase made by your PRM (Personal Referred Member) OR a TripleClicks (TC) member at,

Make an outline of what you need to say to your team and then break it up into 4 or more separate subjects and write weekly letters based on each subject. Don’t push but be firm.

What will you learn:

  • The benefits of buying from TripleClicks (TC)
  • What you have found to buy and how you found it; how to use the TC searches.
  • Explain transfer buying, show them how to use the Wish List, and get them excited about buying their gifts from TC or giving Gift Certificates as.
  • How to encourage them to purchase from TripleClicks.

The benefits of buying from TripleClicks

Leading by example is the best encouragement you can give to your downline to purchase from TripleClicks.

Set up a Standing Order first thing when you joined, if money is not a problem. It will show your downlines and uplines you are serious, and may follow your lead. A good beginning. If money is short, then all the better to promote TC products to generate sales, and transfer your experience and enthusiasm for the TC products on to them. In time your downlines will be able to save enough money to pay for standing order.

What you have found to buy and how you found it

Share your enthusiasm for a product that you have bought at TC, in your communication and weekly messages to your team. Mention how you have used and still using, for example, Viriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition, the health benefits you derived from using it, and the VP and MRP that go with it.

There are many more physical products at our TC store, like TC T-shirts and TC caps, the new TC Portfolio, etc. and motivational books you can purchase at Hot Deals and are on specials, that will help shape your thinking about doing things in a positive frame of mind.

Share a product review in your weekly emails to give them awareness and teach them how to write a short, concise, and informative review and earn 25 Action VP per.

Sharing in the benefits of a healthy and profitable TC Executive Pool by purchasing TCredits for use at bidding, playing Eager Zebra games, TC music downloads, among others.

And most of all, if you are generous and charitable by nature, you will be delighted to know that a percentage of your TC purchases go to an accredited worldwide charity called CARE. Now that’s really caring, not only for yourself but for others in the world less fortunate.

Transfer buying

The best way to encourage network sales is to practice and teach the principle value of a transfer buy. Transfer buying is taking some of the disposable income that you already spend and transferring those purchases from the local market to your TripleClicks store. Since most affiliates complain about not having any money, you simply must help them to realize that supporting their TripleClicks store should not cost them money but save them money.

Here are just a few of the benefits of transfer buying:

  • You can achieve team leader status buy leveraging the power of up to 2000 VP from your transfer buy.
  • Always comparison shop prices. If the price is only a couple of dollars difference between the transfer buy and your local market go with the transfer buy. Why? Remember, you earn MRPs for shopping your TripleClicks store. You don’t get those locally. Those MRP can be use to purchase a wide variety of products. Check for free shipping to save even more.
  • If you set the standard for your team they can see your shining example. You can’t expect people to do what you are not willing to do.
  • Shopping your TC stores saves you the hassle of long checkouts, crowded malls, and the stress of driving or walking to the store. More time to spend doing your favorite activity.
  • You can set up an additional rewards system for every one that follows your shining example. Assign T Credits, PSAs, or a gift certificate. That would just make shopping TripleClicks that much sweeter of a deal.
  • Let’s not forget, that supporting TripleClicks sweetens the pot for everyone that is an SFI Executive affiliate – the more support will just make shares be worth more money!

Continue to give product reviews when you send your weekly team mail and ask them to send you their reviews. Ask for feedback in every letter and offer to run them through their first purchase, then give them a $2 Gift Certificate to either buy one TCredit, or better yet a Wave3 kit. Put a 5 or 10 day expiration date to hurry them along. If they don’t use the Gift Certificate, you will get your money back.

This is good for those who will buy and those who need help understanding how to do it. Those without any available cash can be taught how to pick up some spending cash by redeeming collected pop bottles, doing a paper route, helping a neighbor, etc. They need to be taught to target this extra money for the purpose they set for it, not letting it get sucked up into their general fund. If they want to succeed in this business they will find a way.

Those with too many doubts to invest their money need time to get to know the business better. They will either come around or quit. Don’t push them but always answer what you think they need to know.

How to encourage them to purchase from TripleClicks

The first and most important fact to remember is that your SFI downline, are there to make money and will wary of spending money as they may have been tricked by internet scams in the past. Remember this is a free program don’t pressure them into making purchases. As it may frighten them off and they will miss the opportunity to make an internet based income

The first thing to do is practice what you preach. Spend money promoting your business, start transfer shopping. Play the games be involved in the auction. Be active in forums and do not be afraid to ask you’re up line questions. It is in their best interest to help you and your team develop.

Give them information on how you have achieved successes and warn them of any pitfalls that you may have discovered and answer their question promptly as they are excited about the opportunity and want to start achieving results, they may leave if you appear apathetic or lazy.

In order to encourage your downline to purchase from TripleClicks, you should be setting the example of treating TripleClicks as your store.

How to encourage them to purchase from TripleClicks?

  • Explain the benefits of purchasing at TripleClicks, such as earning valuable VPs to increase commission and improve Power Rank and earning MRPs, which can be used to purchase any products and services at TripleClicks.
  • Let them know how they can capitalize on SFI products to grow their business. They can become top enroller by purchasing PSAs or they can deepen their knowledge by purchasing products dedicated to driving traffic, converting leads or simply learn how to effectively communicate. Acquiring the knowledge and skills to build their team will help them in the long run and will become business owners in true sense.
  • Organize a contest of accumulating VPs. Offer a reward of certain amount of TCredits for the top 10 in your downline or include them in your S-Builder Co-op or your own Ad Co-op.
  • Remind them about their reasons for joining such a successful home-based online business as SFI and how they can realize their visions and goals with your full support and commitment, emphasizing TripleClicks as their number one choice of store.

Where you lead others will follow!

Important: To understand the SFI Compensation Plan, you must first understand CV (Commission Volume). Every product at has a CV value. This value is determined by the product’s margin (The difference between the product’s wholesale/base cost and the price the product sells for). The higher the margin, the higher the CV. A product’s CV is the maximum amount that can be paid out in commissions for that product.

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