11 steps to easily qualify for Team Leader rank each month

Team Leader RankThere is no hidden secret to become a Team Leader in each month. There are so many ways to advance your Rank as a Team Leader. If you put some effective efforts and take some important actions, it is not impossible to hold your Team Leader Rank each month.

1) Log daily to your SFI homepage to complete daily, weekly, monthly and intermediate actions.

2) Make a Standing Order to get 1500 Sales VP preferably 125 T-Credits.

3) Join WAVE3 to get 5 T-Credits and 50 MRPs free in each month.

4) Use your T-Credits to bid in 2X auctions to get 1 Action VP and 10 MRPS per bid. You are eligible to get up to 500 Action VP in each month.

5) Buy T-Credits with your accumulated MRPs to fulfill your Sales VP.

6) To increase your T-Credits for bidding in auction participate daily to Pick the Price (PTP) Contest in TripleClicks auctions to guess the winning price. If your guess price is closest to winning price you will get 25-100 free T-Credits. Enter hourly to TripleClicks T-Time to get 2 free T-Credits daily.

7) Buy some physical products in TripleClicks within 14th of the month to get a product review. To review a product you will get 25 Action VP and 1 T-Credit. Remember you will get review VP one time in a particular product.

8)Help and give active support to your PSA to advance their Rank EA-2, Team Leader to get 100-300 Action VP and also matching VersaPoints.

9) Refer ECA to TripleClicks to sell their products online through your ECA Gateway URL to get 100 Action VP each ECA.

10) Go to Ask Sc to search the questions open for answering. Write your answer and submit it to Ask Sc to get 100, 50, 25 Action VP being a top author.

11) Distribute TC Gift Card to get maximum 300 VP in each month. You can also win VP, MRPs and others to participate in Daily Grand.

Now calculate your Sales and Action VP to follow the above steps and you will find it is not so impossible to qualify your Rank as a Team Leader Rank in each month.

Renzo Strijker

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Renzo Strijker - February 7, 2014

It’s not that difficult to become a Team Leader, giving the proper guidance and support is the real challenge.


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